5 July 2019

ACT Team Nurses' Support Call

Event date: 10/27/2022 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM Export event

ACT Team Nurse Support Call

ACT Institute created the bi-weekly support call for ACT Team Nurses on the front lines working with participants and doing their best to deliver much needed services during these unprecedented, challenging times.

The call will be moderated by David Lowenthal, MD, JD and Luis Lopez, MA, MS from ACT Institute   


Please click here to register


For more information about the support call, contact David Lowenthal, MD, JD (David.Lowenthal@nyspi.columbia.edu)


We also encourage joining the ACT LISTSERVES to ask questions and exchange information amongst each other on how best to support ACT Participants and your Team during this time. To join the ACT Institute LISTSERVE or the ACT MD/LPN/RN LISTSERVE, email ACTinst@nyspi.columbia.edu.

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