The Adult Behavioral Health Home and Community-Based Services (BH HCBS) and Community Oriented Recovery and Empowerment (CORE) Services trainings are hosted in the CPI Learning Management System.

The training is separated into four sections, as seen below in the diagram:

  • Overview of HARP/HCBS: These webinars provide staff with an overview of HARP and HCBS workflow, foundation, and service description. When appropriate, case examples are used to illustrate service components. The intent is to show staff what HCBS might look like on the ground, with the expectation that instruction in skills and modalities should be occurring at the community agency level and outside of these minimum requirements.
  • Essential Knowledge Areas for CORE & HCBS providers: These webinars consist of modules that provide foundational knowledge and skills necessary to develop essential competencies for the delivery of CORE and Adult BH HCBS services.
  • Service-Specific Training/Application of Principles: These webinars provide information illustrating each CORE or BH HCBS service and how the Essential Knowledge Areas would be operationalized and applied to each specific service. CORE and BH HCBS staff are only required to complete the Application training or Service-Specific training for each service they will provide or supervise.
  • CORE and HARP/HCBS Resources: Staff may access CORE and BH HCBS manuals as well as additional training partner webpages on these services.


Full List of Trainings

flowchart diagram