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The ACT Institute Interviews Spring 2019 Peer-Interns Drew Musa and Ife Samms

“Nothing about us without us”

  • 26 April 2019

We chatted with New York Psychiatric Institute (NYSPI) Spring 2019 interns from Howie the Harp (HTH) Ife Samms and Drew Musa to get their take on the work they have done since starting their internships in February. Drew (left) is a 25-year-old Muay Thai enthusiast from Queens, and Ife (right) is a 26-year-old singer-songwriter from Brooklyn. HTH interns are placed in a three-month internship following a six-month educational program at the advocacy center for people diagnosed with a mental illness. At NYSPI, their time at their internship is divided in half between working directly with patients on a NYSPI’s inpatient-unit and working with the ACT Institute to help support and train Peer Specialists who work on ACT Teams across the state. We asked them a few questions to get a better picture of their experiences working with CPI thus far.  Read More

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