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  • ACT Team Leader 2022 Retreat

    The Annual ACT Team Leader Retreat, hosted by the ACT Institute, was held on Friday, October 21st at Offsite in midtown Manhattan. Thank you to Heesu Chae, our Administrative Coordinator, for organizing the retreat! The theme of this year’s retreat was centered on wellness through self-reflection and self-care in light of the challenges ACT teams continuously face. ...

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  • Benefits & Entitlement Counseling Tips

    The latest vocational specialist support call, hosted by the ACT Institute, on 9.16 featured discussions on topics including benefits counseling and creative ways of supporting participants. ...

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  • Reflecting on ACT Internship: Josh Osborn, NYU Silver School of Social Work 2022 Graduate

    A critical part of my first year in the 16-month accelerated MSW program at NYU is learning about social work values and how they translate into practice. The multidisciplinary team at the ACT Institute embodies these values in their training and implementation support. ...

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  • 6th Annual ACT Peer Specialist Retreat 2022

    The day had come. It was the first time in two years that ACT peer specialists and ACT team leaders could be in the community with each other - IN PERSON. As people filed into the CPI multipurpose room for the 6th annual ACT Peer Specialist Retreat, Mya Haley recognized the feeling of anxiety that she was carrying. ...

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  • Louise Ellis is retiring...

    The ACT Institute congratulates and extends its sincere thanks to Louise Ellis, retiring from her role as team leader after 21 years of service...

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  • Reflecting on ACT Internship: Joline Faujour, NYC Silver School of Social Work 2022 Graduate

    Interning with the ACT Institute has been an invaluable experience. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my MSW graduate career. My first-year MSW internship was with an ACT team in Brooklyn, where I first heard of the ACT Institute. I became interested in their work as I participated in many of the trainings provided by the ACT Institute and the Center for Practice Innovations that are provided for ACT teams throughout NYS...

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  • ACT Institute Welcomes Elizabeth Mya Haley to Our Staff

    We are pleased to announce Elizabeth Mya Haley has joined our staff as our full-time Recovery Specialist and Trainer for the ACT Institute. In this role, she will work directly with ACT teams across NYS....

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  • Transitioning and Returning to In-Person Work

    The lifting of restrictions from the COVID-19 Pandemic is adding to the uncertainty about what our professional and personal lives and routines will look like forward. There are many who feel anxious about the disruptions and perceived risks associated with returning to in-person work...

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  • Omololu Oguntoyinbo Howie The Harp Intern 2021

    I came to the ACT Institute sometime around late April 2021; it was still a very turbulent time in our society. This was a period...

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