2021 Trainings

Unique Needs of Children Involved in Child Welfare

  • Recognize the multiple needs of families involved with the Child Welfare System and 
  • Identify practices and strategies that will support the achievement of positive outcomes for youth and families involved with Child Welfare.

Unique Needs of Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED)

  • Define the criteria for children determined to have Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) and 
  • Identify treatment approaches and strategies for working with children with SED.


Unique Needs of Transition Age Youth (TAY)

  • Recognize the unique needs and challenges experienced by transition age youth 
  • Become familiar with existing and promising interventions for Transitional Age Youth

Unique SUD Needs of Adolescents

  • Identify the three leading substances of choice for adolescents,
  • learn the risk and developmental factors associated with adolescent substance use 
  • Lean SUD screening tools and treatment approaches for adolescent 


Unique Needs of Children 0-5

  • Recognize the importance of early relationships and attachment on infant and child mental health and treatment strategies 
  • Learn Evidence Based Practices for treating infant and early childhood mental health


Unique Needs of Medically Fragile Children

  • Recognize the definition and prevalence of being medically fragile as it pertains to children/youth (ages 0-21).
  • Illustrate the experience of the parents/caregivers and family and their needs.
  • Review effective integrated treatment approaches used to serve medically fragile children’s behavioral health needs.


CFTSS - Promoting Childhood Behavioral Health and Wellness: Early and Periodic Screening and Diagnostic Treatment (EPSDT) 

  • Identify the importance of early intervention and prevention to the overall health and long-term outcomes in children
  • Learn best principles to utilize CFTSS in practice to prevent the progression of behavior health challenges.


2020 Trainings:


June 2020 Trainings:

Family-Driven and Youth Guided Practice

  • Understanding and implementing family-driven and youth guided principles in order to deliver more effective high-quality care


Recovery and Resilience for Children and Youth

  • Understanding recovery and resilience and how to foster resilience


Understanding Family Engagement and Best Practices

  • Principles to increase family and youth engagement in their treatment/care and overcome obstacles to engagement.


Coordination/Collaboration Across Child Serving Systems

  • Navigating and coordinating care between the many child-serving systems.


Trauma Informed Care in the Child/Adolescent Behavioral Healthcare System

  • Implications of trauma on children/youth and foundations of providing trauma informed care.


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