Advisory Panels

The Center for Practice Innovations (CPI) assembles topic-area experts to review the evidence base in a given area and make recommendations to aid the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) in determining whether and how to move forward to implement a particular evidence-based practice. These advisory panels answer the following questions for each topic area: 

  • Does the evidence base indicate that this topic area is ready for widespread implementation? For example, the result of a planning day with scientific advisors on a topic might be a decision to forgo/delay implementation or to proceed. If the decision is to proceed, CPI staff works with OMH to determine the timing and scope of implementation efforts. 
  • What are best practices regarding implementation of this topic? The CPI Director will identify resources from the Center, the Division of Mental Health Services and Policy Research, and scientific advisors to identify best practices and pitfalls from implementations elsewhere.
  • What would work best locally? CPI staff work with OMH staff and NY stakeholders to identify ways practices implemented elsewhere might need to be tailored for NY.


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