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30 Apr 2019 ACT: SUS Clinical Care Call 4/30/2019 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

When: Tuesday , April 30, 2019 from 3PM-4PM


This monthly call for Substance Use Specialists and Team Leaders will provide a forum for providers to share their experiences working with individuals in dual recovery from substance use and mental health challenges. The call will feature case presentations and discussion, tool sharing (via the Adobe room), and opportunities to share successes and ask questions. In addition, we will cover pertinent topics including engagement, stage-wise interventions and language.

Information about the call will be sent out to invitees in advance of each call.


3 May 2019 ACT Vocational Specialist Clinical Care 5/3/2019 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
ACT Vocational Specialist Clinical Care

This monthly call will provide a forum for Vocational Specialists to discuss successes and challenges, share ideas and resources, and learn about an evidence-based model of providing vocational support, Individual Placement and Support (IPS). We are eager to hear what your interests and needs are and your input will help us to shape the calls. This call is a joint effort between the ACT Institute and the IPS initiative at the Center for Practice Innovations.

6 May 2019 ACT Team Leader Support Call 5/6/2019 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
ACT Team Leader Support Call

Pascale Jean-Noel, Director of Training, will host a Team Leader Support Call which will be held on the first Monday of each month (exceptions will be announced). This call time will be an open forum for team leaders and/or Program Assistants to ask questions or raise concerns relevant to the team leader role on ACT. 

Questions and discussions can include: 

  • Team training
  • Community visits
  • Treatment plans
  • Transition
  • Administrative issues
  • Accessing the LMS

This call will be held in the Adobe Room, and joining information will be distributed prior to each call.


8 May 2019 ACT - Family Specialist Clinical Care Call 5/8/2019 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
ACT - Family Specialist Clinical Care Call

The ACT - Family Specialist Clinical Care Call is intended for current ACT family specialists, and will be held on the Third Wednesday of the month from 3 PM- 4 PM. This call will provide an open forum for ACT family specialsits to share role-related successes and challenges, and collaboratively ask and answer questions that arise. Helle Thorning, Director of the ACT Institute will facilitate these calls. This call will be held in the Adobe Room, and Family Specialists will receive joining information prior to each call.

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The ACT Institute provides training, support, and consultation to Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) providers across New York State.  Our training curriculum is based on national evidence-based practice consortium standards and modifications to these standards as developed by the Office of Mental Health. Training is delivered via in-person and distance-learning modalities. Our trainers include both staff of the Center for Practice Innovations and other expert consultants.

We are a provider of Continuing Education Credits. Learn more

What's New

ACT Institute Upcoming Training - April 2019


Core Principles & Person-Centered Treatment Planning Training

*April 5: ACT Tx Planning, LI

*April 12: ACT Tx Planning, NYC

*April 19: ACT Tx Planning, CNY

Trainings are from 10AM to 4:30PM. For training site addresses and to register, please click on the dates above. Read more.

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ACT News Briefs


Attention ACT Providers! ACT TCTTAC (Tobacco Training) Available

There is a new set of tobacco resources available through the CPI Learning Management System (NYC TCTTAC).  Tobacco is the #1 cause of death among people diagnosed with a psychiatric illness in the United States (Callaghan et al, 2014). People diagnosed with a psychiatric illness are more likely to smoke than people without (36% vs. 21%) (CDC Vital Signs February 2013) and smoke more often (SAMHSA CBHSQ Report March 2017). It has also been shown that people diagnosed with a psychiatric illness want to and are able to stop smoking (CDC Vital Signs February 2013). And we can help! Read more.

ACT MAPS Training for Peer Specialists

Exciting things are happening at the ACT Institute with the Peer role and we invite you to be involved! Come join us on April 12th for an In-Person Training/ACT Peer Gathering. THIS WILL BE OUR THIRD ANNUAL GET TOGETHER OF THE PEER COMMUNITY! Read more

ACT Institute Works with DHS Leadership
On Thursday, February 7th, the ACT Institute met with some of the directors and supervisors of NYC homeless shelters. The ACT Institute facilitated an ACT CORE Training. This training, conducted at the NYS Psychiatric Institute, was attended by 30 staff members from DHS, as well as leadership from NYS OMH and NYC DOHMH. Read more

ACT in 2019
As we move into the new year, we want to welcome practitioners new to working on Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) and congratulate all of you who have been working on ACT teams for some time. In New York State, we now have 108 ACT Teams that serve close to seven thousand of our most vulnerable New Yorkers challenged with significant behavioral health conditions. ACT is an evidence-based practice that has effective outcomes in assisting people on their road to recovery. Accordingly, it is a highly valued service and in great demand.  Read more

Together We Can ACT! First Annual ACT Symposium 2018
The ACT Institute and New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) were pleased to present the first annual ACT Symposium 2018 on October 18th and 19th, 2018 in Ellenville, New York. The conference focused on integrated care in an era of systems transformation and through the lens of the ACT model. ACT team members and administrators from OMH came from all over New York State to attend and present. There was even representation from the West Coast, with staff from the Oregon Center of Excellence for Assertive Community Treatment (OCEACT) traveling in to join the Symposium.  Read more

ACT Parent Project Training is Expanded Statewide: ACT Participants who are Parents: Strategies for Assessment and Collaboration
The ACT Parent Project training is the cumulation of a year-long research and training development collaboration between the ACT Institute and Columbia School of Social Work, funded by a grant from the New York Community Trust. This training, consisting of three online modules and a day-long, in-person session, was offered in Spring 2018 to ACT providers in NYC and focused on the needs and assets of ACT participants who are also parents. The online modules aimed to build skills in understanding parent’s perspectives and specific challenges and sources of resilience parents experience. The in-person training on May 4th brought together presenters with lived experience and field experts to reinforce the parent’s perspective and provide expertise on pregnancy, family court and ACS; concrete tools were also provided during the training. After receiving positive feedback about the online modules and a successful training on May 4th, the ACT Institute and Columbia School of Social Work are excited to announce the expansion of the Parent Project training to ACT Providers statewide. Read more 

The ACT Institute 2nd Annual Peer Learning Community Day of ACT Peer Specialists at the New York State Psychiatric Institute
We had the entire day to share ideas and strategies and trade stories from the field in the service of supporting one another and developing clarity for the ACT Peer role for everyone in the greater Peer community and behavioral health workforce. As a start to the activity-packed day, Helle Thorning, ACT Institute Director and Sascha DuBrul, Recovery Specialist & Trainer welcomed everyone, framing the experience as a mutual learning opportunity for those in the field versus those working in administration and training. Read more 

The ACT Institute and Columbia School of Social Work are excited to Present the Newest ACT Training- ACT Participants who are Parents: Strategies for Assessment and Collaboration
After nearly a year in development, a four-course training series about ACT Participants who are also parents is set to launch this spring. Informed by in-depth interviews with 15 ACT Participants and focus groups with 5 ACT Teams, this training aims to deliver a comprehensive overview for ACT Providers who are working with parents or people who want to become parents. The training highlights the personal stories, strengths and resilience of ACT participants who are parents, while also exploring the opportunities for community support and providing guidelines for interagency collaboration, especially with ACS and housing. Read more

The ACT Institute introduces the Spanish translation of ACT: Wellness Self-Management for Transition Personal Workbook
Estamos felices de anunciar que ahora tenemos el Cuaderno Personal para el Autocontrol del Bienestar para la Transición en Español. El Cuaderno Personal para el Autocontrol del Bienestar es un programa para personas que han tenido experiencias con retos emocionales y psicológicos que han dado lugar a dificultades en la vida. Las personas que participan en este programa están buscando mejorar su éxito y satisfacción en áreas importantes de la vida. Read more

ACT Talk

Dr. Lewis-Fernandez

Podcast on 5/26/2015

Mr.Louis Vavrina will talk about Navigating Recovery's Rocky Road. Mr. Vavrina is a recent Howie the Harp graduate who, as part of that training, did an internship at the Center for Practice Innovations.

The ACT Institute will host monthly ACT TALK.  In a radio interview style, the director of the ACT Institute, Helle Thorning, will engage invited guests in a dialog of emerging issues related to ACT in today's health care environment.  Listeners are invited to participate and we look forward to stimulating and informative conversations during this critical time in health care.

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